How Food Trek Farms got started

We are a small family farm located in South Fulton. We specialize in sourcing and growing heirloom vegetable/fruit seeds that can tolerate growing in the southeast. 

I dove into gardening in 2018 when we purchased our first home and had space (although it was very small) to actually grow vegetables and flowers. My love of gardening has grown exponentially with us moving to a 5-acre plot with lots of potential. My love of gardening has extended to my husband and my son, who are both very willing to learn and deal with me constantly talking and thinking about plants.

Why plants and gardens? The best way to explore gardening is to actually grow food (or other non-food plants) and learn how to care of them. By gardening, you are becoming part of a system that is larger than yourself. By working the earth, you are improving the soil for worms. By growing the plants, you are helping to keep the soil in place and providing shelter/food for other critters. Once the plant is ready, you can harvest and enjoy what you have grown. Then at the end, your plant will be composted and be broken down by bugs. Each step of gardening provides for another part of the ecosystem. This is why we sell plants rather than what is harvested. We want everyone to understand and play a part in their ecosystem.

Why heirloom seeds? These vegetables and fruits are often more flavorful than the vegetables you can purchase at the big box stores and have a unique history that should be continued to be shared. Some of our seeds have been cultivated in backyard gardens for 50 years and others have a cultural history of dating back to North American indigenous peoples.

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